Meet The Team: Libby

Libby Down

Libby came to Ghana as a volunteer in 2012 before she started university. It was during this trip that she met Sam and developed a love for Ghana and the Kwahu area in specific. She has assisted Sam in a variety of projects over the years but in September 2018 she was able to finally move to Ghana full time. Working with a local Ghanaian foundation, Libby took on the role as volunteer coordinator. Although now Libby is no longer working full time with the volunteers she is still acting as volunteer coordinator and is always up for a gin and tonic and a life chat in the sun. She is the Queen of food in the local area and will always be up for a trip to a local restaurant or down to the market to explore. Expect to see her on project sites checking in on the team and at the house some evenings to catch up with all the volunteers.

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