Sports Development & Coaching

Run a variety of sport focused programs from physical education lessons in school, after school sports clubs to coaching local academy teams.

Location: Abetifi District, Kwahu Mountains, Eastern Region, Ghana
Availability: Year Round
Price: From $85 per week
2 – 52 weeks



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Placement Overview

About the placement

This placements offers a varying level of involvement depending on your previous experience and enthusiasm. We are currently providing placements in the following areas:

  • Physical Education Teacher – Get involved with running sports and PE classes with either a set or varied age range. Ghana is football mad but if you have a passion for another sport the children will be more than willing to try out any new game that is explained! (Who knows we might have the next sports star in the making here). Depending on the size of the school in which you are allocated and how many classes we agree to run you may get time to assist/run classroom focused lessons in other academic subjects throughout the day.
  • After School Sports Clubs – Once the children return home and finish their chores such as fetching the water for the family there are no activities or hobbies for them to engage in, leaving them often to walk around town on an evening. If you have the enthusiasm and determination then you can assist in establishing a local sports club for the local children to join and channel all their energy. This project is advised for people with mid-long term stays and with high energy levels as you will often run this along side a main volunteering placement during normal school hours.
  • Football Academies – There are a couple local football academies that take their training very seriously! These usually run on an evening and weekend when the children are not at school. Selection is tough but they provide top quality players. This project is perfect for people with previous coaching experience that can offer a fresh input into training and coaching the team.ย 

Why this placement?

Schools in Ghana not only need your help to cope with the growing size of classes, lack of a ‘subsitute’ teacher process but also to bring a fresh approach to lessons which are traditionally very dictation focused. Physical Education is not common in the majority of schools, they often have school football teams for example but nothing to include the whole class/school.
We aim to improve on the standard of physical education for the youth to maintain physical fitness, improve concentration during school hours as well as skill and motor skill development to name just a few.

What is included in this placement?

Support Staff – Accommodation – House Utility Bills – Pre Departure Support

We charge cost price for this project just so we can cover your stay and employ local support staff to increase loyal employment. This placement includes accommodation in a modern style house for the semi rural area of which we are based with great views and surroundings of the local towns and rainforest. All house utilities are included for your time, you will have use of the kitchen, electricity throughout the house and running water which is a luxury among the area of Kwahu. You will have a member of our local support team living in house or close by depending on the volunteer numbers so there is always someone on hand for any questions or support you may need.

How do I get to the placement?

Budget an additional 20 – 60 Ghana cedis per day for transport costs.

We work with a number of schools within the local community and slightly further out. Volunteers will usually take taxis back and forth to their placement site. It is very easy to take shared taxis in town and they are very reasonably priced. Most of our schools will require volunteers to pay transport between 5 cedis and 40 cedis a day, with the average being about 10cedis. The more remote village schools are usually located down tracks and therefore cost a little bit more to reach. Our team will be able to assist volunteers group together for transport and where to find taxis etc. Volunteers are usually able to head off into the town after school easily to shop for food supplies, grab a cold drink or meet up with friends before heading home and the ease of taxis offer a really flexible experience for the volunteers.

What will I be doing?

  • Physical Education Teacher – Working alongside the teaching staff you will arrange a schedule to fit inside their current curriculum where you will be able to take various classes out for PE lessons on the school field. Supplies are often lacking so thinking outside the box is often crucial. Classroom theory sessions can also be ran depending on your qualifications and/or experience.
  • After School Clubs – Depending on your own level of independence you could be placed in a teaching placement throughout the day and then for a couple of hours in the afternoon/evening run a sports club in a park for the local children. Previous clubs setup have been linked to a volunteer’s teaching placement who they have invited along after hours as well as organising a different sport/game each day for the children in the town of the volunteer accommodation.ย 
  • Football Academy – With this placement you will review your skills and experience with the team manager, together you will draw up a plan on how you can best input into the team, it’s development and your personal enhancement at the same time. This is best for mid-long term volunteers as most of your work will be done in the evenings and weekends. Previous volunteers have often preferred to tie this in with our teaching placement so that they are kept busy during the school hours.

Who will I be working with?

If the number permits we aim to group volunteers together at a particular school or project. You will work closely with a teacher and report to the Headteacher when placed in the schools should you have any issues. When visiting the academy you will be dealing with the management team there on site. A member of our team will also spend a portion of their day at the project to assist in anyway and offer any guidance should it be needed. Most volunteers strike up a strong bond with the teachers and are treat as another member of staff as if you were always there. It is not uncommon to be invited round their homes for dinner at an early stage as a way of saying thank you.

What do we expect from a volunteer?

Sports or coaching qualifications/experience is not compulsory for this placement, your level of experience and confidence will gauge what level of students would best suit and will be discussed between the team and yourself on your first day introduction. The greatest traits of a volunteer are enthusiasm, empathetic and the ability to adjust to alternative cultures. You will get the most of our your trip by opening your mind to new experiences and beliefs whilst also bringing your own to the table.
We expect volunteers to visit their placements Monday – Friday, exceptions can be made for long weekends of travel etc but we hope for the children and yourselves to get the most of your placement this is kept to a minimum.

What can you expect from us?

We will be on hand any time of any day to support you in your placement and trip as a whole. There will always be someone you can speak to or get a hold of should you want to discuss anything or require any guidance, from organising after school clubs to changing your placement. Our team living in the volunteer house will also be able to offer advice regarding travel plans and the local area so you will soon feel at home.

What should I bring?

Regarding your placement we advise bringing any sports or coaching equipment you can as these items are not available in our local area and only cheap children’s footballs and used football boots can be found at the markets.Coloured plastic cones for a variety of sports come in very useful.

What happens during school holidays?

During school holidays if a volunteers assignments falls within these dates then we will organise a holiday school at one of our partner schools. During this time there is a more relaxed setup where volunteers split into groups to run lessons such as arts, English, reading, sports and games. Or we can run sports clubs and competitions for the local children at one of the fields in town.This also has the added benefit of providing parents with childcare during this period whilst they balance their work which is usually farming or trading.
The school holidays usually fall three times a year; few weeks around Easter, few weeks around August and a few weeks around Christmas. Specific term dates are not communicated by local authorities until closer to the time so difficult to tell in advance. Leading up to the vacation, exams may be in place so volunteers can offer an assisting role invigilating, helping out in free times or helping on our other programs.

Typical working day

07:30am – Volunteer transport leaves the volunteer house to project sites
08:00am – School starts
10:30am – 11:00am – Morning Break
12:30pm – 01:00pm – Lunch Break
03:00pm – School closes
03:30pm – Return to volunteer house
03:30pm onwards – Free time / Potential after school clubs / Visiting football academy

Please note this an example of a schedule. Times vary on different schools and term time.
After school volunteers are free to go shopping in the local markets, return to the volunteer house or visit the local swimming pools.


What’s Included

Dates & Fees

Program fees

Starts from $170 for 2 weeks

Click here to view detailed program fees details


2 week minimum duration. There is no maximum duration and we would suggest staying as long as possible to achieve the biggest social impact possible.


We have volunteers and placements throughout the year, therefore you are welcome to arrive in any month. We are also flexible with being able to arrange airport collections so you are able to arrive on any airline into Kotoka International Airport at any time on any day of the week.

“My trip to Ghana and working with Atlas Volunteers was one of the greatest experiences of my life. “

~ Madison Simpson / Education Volunteer

ย The first day I arrived, I immediatly felt good in Ghana! People are really friendly, and when I left the airport, lots of people want to help you. Life is really different in this little town. I was the first one working for the sports devlopment. At the beginning, the schedule wasn’t full. But the foundation quickly find a solution to full the timetable. I spent 5 weeks working in different places everyday, so I met a lot of people and children. One of the best part of the trip is also the life in the little village. I already miss all the children running at me to greet me and asking me to bring my ball and play with them. Or the adults, always smiling, who loves to stop and talk with you. People are really relax and the village is more than safe. I walked a lot alone in the village and I never felt “unsafe”. Ghanaians are also very helpful. I’ll never forget that experience! It’s probably the best 2 months I’ve lived! The house where we live is really nice! There’s is a lot of things to do in the region. It was my first time in Africa, and I think Ghana is a good place to visit ! Emile Adam.

– Emile Adam / Sports Volunteer


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