Shared volunteer housing

Our volunteers live in shared volunteer housing in the quiet town of Pepease on the outskirts of Abetifi. The house has large communal living areas, balconies and gardens to spend your weekends and evenings relaxing with your fellow volunteer family after a busy day at the project sites.

Running Water

We are very lucky to have running water in the volunteer housing as this is a luxury in the local area. This is not drinking water, you can buy drinking water sachets from local shops for around 20 peswas. To keep costs down we require volunteers to ensure a sensible approach to water use more than what they would most likely be used to at home.

Shared Bedrooms

In the volunteer housing, bedrooms are shared by gender. Each room in the house usually has two bunk beds. Small wardrobes are provided for essentials and there’s enough space to pack your suitcases in the bedrooms for the rest of your luggage.


For most of the year we aim to have a member of our team living on site in the volunteer accommodation when space permits. However volunteers are responsible for the security of their house and possesions and house keys. Previous volunteers have always rated us highly for their safety. Mini lockers are also provided if you need somewhere to lock away valuables other than in your bedrooms.

Living Room

A shared living room is provided for the volunteers in the housing. A television with local channels is supplied however you may wish to bring a portable speaker to enjoy some of your music from home. People often opt to bring a pen drive with movies/tv series on to play through the TV however you can also pickup a DVD player fairly cheaply locally if you would prefer to bring discs. We also try and suggest for volunteers to leave their books behind to create a communal library for future volunteers to come.


A basic kitchen is provided in the house for you to be able to cook and prepare your own meals. The items provided are basic however there are local shops which supply a wider range of kitchenware if you do require these. A gas hob, pans, microwave and basic cutlery and crockery are provided. We cover the gas utility bill so that you can focus on your food costs and perhaps look at leaving items behind for the next volunteers to help grow.


The bathrooms provided in the housing are shared between the volunteers and bedrooms. These are supplied with modern flushing toilets which combined with the running water in the house again is a high luxury for our local area as even houses lucky enough to have water closets then generally have to flush these by fetching a bucket from a storage tank outside manually.


Outside of the housing are balconies and large gardens shared between the volunteers. This is a popular spot in the evenings for volunteers to play cards and dine outside whilst overlooking their beautiful surroundings.


Living in shared volunteer housing can be difficult for some, volunteers are responsible for the upkeep of the accommodation therefore not everyone has the same living styles. We suggest for people to create a rota in which cleaning items around the house are done on a regular basis but compromises will be need to be made by the volunteers as a team.

Mosquito Netting

All the house windows are covered with netting frames. You may wish to bring a mosquito net to hang around the bed for additional protection.