Application Process



Submit your application including recent CV/Resume via the booking form here or through our booking partners such as VolunteerWorld.


Welcome Pack

If successful you will receive a confirmation email along with your welcome pack to your listed email address with details of the next step and your point of contact for your pre-departure support.


Fees/Deposit Payment

You will also receive an email after your welcome pack with your full quote and payment methods. You will then need to process your deposit or full placement fees payment, both amounts will be listed on this quote document.
We will require at least the deposit amount before we are ableย  to arrange your airport collection, reserve a bed in the house and provide supporting documentation for your visa application and secure your trip.


Placement & Flight Confirmation

Once payment has been made you will then receive a link via email to submit your confirmation form which we will use to clarify your dates and flight details for your stay to arrange the airport collection.


Visa Application & Supporting Documentation

You will then need to contact your local Ghanaian embassy website to check the requirements and submit your visa application.
If you do require any supporting documentation from us at this time please email with your full name, passport number along with stating which documentation is required.


Final Check & Collection Details

Around 1 week before you are due to travel to Ghana a member of our support team will be in touch to check if there’s any last minute information you need and give you some details of your airport collection such as which member of our team is coming to collect you and their contact number.


Have The Best Time Ever!

Arrive with an open mindset and eagerness to be involved and i’m sure you will have an amazing trip with a direct social impact so good in fact that most of our volunteers find they don’t want to go home!