Wildlife Rescue Centre

Our Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering with animals. Rescuing and rehabilitating a range of animals saved from the tourism and pet industry.

Location: Amphoe Thayang, Thailand
Availability: All Year Round
Price: Average $340 per week
1 – 12 weeks


Program Overview

About the Program

At the Wildlife Rescue Centre, we currently have over 800 animals, most of which have been rescued from horrible conditions or have been abandoned after becoming unwanted pets. We mainly look after primates such as gibbons, macaques and slow lorises, although we also care for a wide variety of other animals, including Asiatic black bears, sun bears, small cats, birds, reptiles and many other species. This is a strictly hands-off program for volunteers. There is no physical animal interaction as we hope to release as many as back to the wild.


Why this program?

Since its inception the, Wildlife Rescue Centre has given shelter to 1000’s of wild animals. Many of these animals are rehabilitated and released back to the wild. Those that cannot be released are provided with shelter for the rest of their lives.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering with animals. We require a team of dedicated volunteers throughout the year. With us, you will have the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Thailand working with animals and helping us to care for a wide variety of rescued wildlife.

Thailand has rich biological diversity. However, sadly increasingly, human pressures such as over exploitation, habitat loss and habitat degradation, are pushing many of Thailand creatures to the brink of extinction. Young gibbons, macaques, lorises, bears and other wild animals are commonly illegally poached from the wild to be sold as pets, photo-props and are used in other inhumane tourist attractions. We are trying our best to get those animals out of the miserable conditions they are living in, and to educate both local and international communities about animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

At the rescue centre you will find 6 species of gibbon, 6 species of macaque, lorises, 2 species of langur, 2 species of bear, large and small wild cats, various civet species, reptiles, otters, birds and many more. All the animals you will see around the center have been rescued from poor living conditions, saved from the illegal wildlife trade, the pet industry, the tourism and entertainment industry, or directly from the wild, where they may have been victims of road traffic accidents, dog attacks or other human caused accidents.

Where feasible we try to provide the rescued animals within our care an environment as close to “nature” as possible. Our overall objective will always be to rehabilitate and release these animals back to the wild. Unfortunately for some of the animals you see around the center, this is often difficult and in some cases not feasible at all.

At the Wildlife Rescue Centre volunteers usually work long days, around 8-9 hours; without the invaluable contribution from volunteers the center would simply not be able to function. Although difficult at times the volunteer work at the centre is highly rewarding.

We take our rescue and rehabilitation work very seriously. Please be aware the centre is strictly hands off. Volunteers will have no physical interaction with animals but will provide the essential daily and long-term needs of the animals, such as feeding, cleaning enclosures and providing stimulation in the form of behavioral and environmental enrichments.

What is included in this program?

Your program fees cover:
  • Accommodation (See below for detailed information)
  • On Site Support Staff
  • Airport Collection (See below for detailed information)
  • Food & Water (3 Meals per day)
  • Contribution to the refuge centre towards the animal’s care and food
  • Wifi
  • Welcome Orientation

What will I be doing?

Throughout the working day, you will be covering the core tasks of the centre to keep it running. Including; Preparing and distributing food, Creating and sharing behavioral enrichments, assisting with environmental enrichments, cleaning of enclosures and animal pools as well as general site and forest maintenance and upkeep.

The working day starts at 6:30, volunteers will normally finish work around 17:00, with several breaks throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and water and toilet breaks. Volunteers are expected to work 6 days a week with one day off. The work can be quite physically demanding but the end result is always well worth it.

Volunteers will be assigned to work groups each day by the volunteer coordinators, and work with team leaders who are longer-term experienced volunteers who assist and guide their teams throughout daily tasks. Each person has their own pace, their own strengths and weaknesses. You are kindly asked to respect that not everyone has the same abilities and may work at a different pace to yourself. Everyone is here to help the animals and makes their contribution in their own way. Please speak to the volunteer coordinators if you feel you have been given too much or too little work for your personal abilities, as there are plenty of tasks to suit all.

All volunteers during their time will be asked to assist in additional tasks to help us run the volunteer house such as Doggie Duty. Typically, two people per day are chosen to help with each. Doggie Duty involves caring for some of the dogs that live at the volunteer house. This involves washing, feeding and walking the dogs. Volunteer coordinators will be around to answer any questions, and monitor and observe each group throughout the day. You, the volunteers help a lot around the center with daily tasks and large ongoing projects. Without you, it would not at all be possible.

Who will I be working with?

Volunteers at the Wildlife Rescue Centre will spend their time with the Centre team and fellow international volunteers from around the world.

How do I get to the program?

You will stay on site at the volunteer base area of the rescue centre. Surrounded by lush foliage and amazing views.

What do we expect from a volunteer?

Volunteers are very much appreciated and are essential to the proper running of the rescue center; however, in all that we do the animals must come first. We encourage you to make friends and socialize after work in the evenings. However please always be respectful to the animals, other volunteers and staff that live here. There is a limit to the amount of noise and disturbance that can take place at the rescue centre, and any unruly partying or reckless behaviour will not be tolerated.

In order to become an elephant volunteer with us you need to fulfill the following criteria:
• You must be in good physical and mental condition
• You must be able to tolerate hot and humid climate
• You must be able to speak English or Thai
• You must be 18 years old or over
• You must have a positive and practical attitude towards animal welfare and wildlife conservation

What can you expect from us?

Our Volunteer Coordinators are able to help whenever you need assistance. They can help with scheduling issues, animal issues, illness, emergencies back home, as well as personal support while you are away from home. Our coordinators can be very busy, but we have an open door policy so you can come and talk to us any time you need. Each week our volunteer coordinators hold a volunteer meeting to provide updates on the animals, and to resolve any work related issues that have arisen during the week prior, as well as to allow volunteers the chance to ask questions about the animals or their volunteer experience.

What should I bring?

We suggest; Lightweight work clothes you do not mind sweating in and getting dirty (shorts and t-shirts), Long sleeve top(s) and trousers to protect you from mosquito bites in the evenings, Sunhat, cap or bandana, Torch/flashlight, Alarm clock, Power adaptor, Your own towels (can be bought locally although choice is limited), Comfortable shoes or sandals (your feet will get wet no matter what time of year due to the nature of some of the work), Lightweight rainproof clothing (e.g. poncho – cheap quality ones can be bought locally), Ensure your mobile phone is unlocked if you wish to buy a Thai sim card, Simple first aid kit with plasters, bandages, antiseptics and various medications for gastric bug, Working gloves are recommended when harvesting food for the animals, and essential when composting and High-factor sun-cream/sunglasses are recommended.

Typical working day

The working day starts at 6:30am, volunteers will normally finish work around 17:00pm, with several breaks throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and water and toilet breaks.

Tasks during the day include;
  • Prepare and distribute food
  • Create and share behavioral enrichments
  • Assist with environmental enrichments
  • Clean animal enclosures and scrubbing of animal pools
  • General site maintenance including forest area maintenance and upkeep.


What’s Included

Dates & Fees

Program fees

Starting from $671

Click here to view detailed program fees details


1 week minimum to 12 weeks maximum


This program is available all throughout the year.

Our volunteer programs start on a Sunday which means the departure day will also be the Sunday of the volunteer’s final week.

We are able to collect volunteers from either Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), Don Mueang Airport (DMK), or a hotel.  We are able to arrange transfers from Bangkok between 6AM and 2PM. The best time for a hotel pick-up from Bangkok is 9AM.

“One of the best experiences of my life. I’m glad to experience this, I have met wonderful people and made real friendships. The Ghanaian people are so welcoming and share their culture with you, they are so open minded and free to work with.”

~ Jeremy F / Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer

 The trip was a unique experience for me! My expectations were exceeded by far and I am glad to have found the project. If you don’t mind getting up at night on patrols to find turtles and eggs, this project is great. In addition to working at school, on the farm and collecting and recycling plastic waste on the beach, this project is very versatile and never gets boring. I can only recommend this project!

– Lara S / Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer 


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