Meet The Team: Frank

Frank Ofori

Introducing our team, with our go-to guy for any and everything, Frank:
Frank is the member of team that our volunteers see the most of. He stays in the accommodation with volunteers and is always on hand to help with everything from important issues to “how do I wash my clothes”. Frank is our resident expert on Kwahu having been born in the area and lived here most of his life. Some of our volunteers often teach at the primary school he attended as a kid. Frank found his way into developmental work almost by accident back in 2013 when he started working with a different volunteering organisation but soon found a passion in the work and has been completing project after project since. He joined our team in December 2019 to take over the day to day running and planning of projects and volunteer welfare. He will always have some delicious food on the stove and some amazing music on the laptop to welcome volunteers to the house. He’ll always be happy to take you with him to watch football or even head with you to have a kick around at the local pitches

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