Short Term Trips

We understand that not everyone is able to dedicate a large chunk of their year to helping overseas, with that in mind we have created meaningful volunteering projects that are suitable for both short and long term volunteers.

Below you can find a selection of our top volunteering projects out in Ghana that are available from 1-2 weeks onwards.

Renovation & Painting Team

Help out with improving the safety and cosmetic apperance of schools and nurseries in the rural communities.

Ecobricking & Plastic Waste Management

Join our fight against plastic waste and help us create upcycled products made from ecobricking and other sustainable methods.


Play your part in the fight against climate change and land erosion. Assist with growing seedlings in our garden space and planting in community hubs.

Community Farm Support

Help be an extra pair of hands on local farms to support local community farmers that usually live below the poverty line.

Sports Academy Assistant

Lend a hand at our Atlas Sports Academy where we provide sporting scholarships for local children to benefit from equipment, kits and after school training to follow their passion.

Still looking for the perfect placement?
Most of our volunteers are able to join our projects for 2-3 months.
If you are able to give 4 weeks+ of your time to our projects, then you may like to check out our education placements such as teaching support, reading club, nursery assistant.

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