Meet The Team: Sam

Sam Sexton

Just over 10 years ago Sam headed out to Ghana for a 3 month volunteering trip. Little could have prepared him for the journey ahead. His 3 months become 6 months which became a year and soon he was helping other international volunteers navigate there way around the local volunteer projects. During this journey Sam saw the positives and negatives of volunteering and began to dislike the business side of it all. He felt it shouldn’t be a way of individuals to make money but a way for people to share skills and resources and be a positive develop journey for communities and volunteers alike. After spending a couple years back in the UK he returned to Ghana in 2016 to set up Atlas Volunteers with the assistance of Honourable Bryan Acheampong, a ghanaian businessman. Sam runs Atlas all volunteerally alongside his full time job. He has no plans to leave Ghana and really considers our area of Kwahu home.

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