COVID-19 Travel Advice & Restrictions

Thank you for showing an interest in lending a helping hand and joining us in the journey for development out in Ghana on our placements.

Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions in place around the globe we have postponed all volunteering placements out with us in Ghana for the safety of our communities and vulnerable.

We are constantly following the updates with the CDC where you can find FAQ for international travellers along with the Ghanaian government on travel restriction updates – to which your local embassy will have the most updated announcements on this.

Can I book/reserve a placement at this time?

Yes, we are currently taking reservations and offering a flexible booking so that you can alter your dates anytime you need beforehand and will not need to pay anything in addition.
We are also not requiring you to confirm your flights or set dates at this time until later in the year so that you have total flexibility in regards to arranging your placement.
If you would like to submit an application at this time to reserve your spot for later this year please view the placements or drop us an email at

When will placements restart?

We are all eager for our programs to get back on track but the health of our local communities are paramount to us and therefore our placements will start again once the Government of Ghana lifts it’s travel restrictions on the COVID-19 hit countries AND once our local Health District has signed off that the risk to our local towns has passed. A lot of our community live under the poverty line and elderly to which of course we don’t want to add to their burden whilst trying to help on another aspect.

I’m thinking of volunteering later in the year or early 2021 is it best that I contact you closer to the time?

As other organisations across the globe we have been hard hit by the effects of the travel restrictions with our volunteers unable to reach us for safety. However we of course still need to cover the costs of the housing, bills, support staff, online presence and software with no income for the foreseeable future.
If you can submit your reservation to us with the benefit of the flex option then it will help us calculate our finances and forecast for the remainder of the year.
We are currently taking booking slots from June 2020 and will of course stay in touch as we have updates on the travel restrictions but at least we can get you booked in briefed on your placement and visa application etc.

I am ready to submit my reservation – where shall I book?

Please use the form below to submit your contact details and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss this further with you directly.

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