Welcome to Ghana

Often described as ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana offers an easy platform for volunteering and travel in Western Africa for both first time travellers and experts.

It’s a safe, friendly country with lots of amazing people and attractions to explore. Most volunteers feel comfortable travelling around alone just after a few days as there’s always a friendly face to help you out.

From Safari Parks, Waterfalls, Castles and National Parks there is always somewhere interesting to visit at weekends to explore and embrace the local customs and history.

About atlas volunteers

Abetifi / Kwahu East

We are based in Abetifi (Kwahu East District), located on top of the Kwahu plateau in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We are an approximate 3 hour drive from Accra. With a young developing town centre and surrounding villages it’s the perfect place to explore and experience a real Ghanaian way of life and friendly, safe community.

Although most of our district is smaller rural communities we have some larger towns in the area that offer Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations, Hotels and Restaurants. The crime rate is extremely low and you will be safe to explore the local towns alone should you wish.

There are other large towns of note should you wish to research the local area such as Mpraeso, Nkawkaw and our regional capital Koforidua.

Friendly Atmosphere

We’re lucky to have a friendly village-like atmosphere in our area. You will have regular shopkeepers and children greeting you as you pass by each day and most people find friends in the local community and support team that they stay in touch with even after their visits with us. Just walking into town to buy your groceries you will find you are greeted multiple times from people wanting to have a chat and finding out your name and where you come from.

Local Sightseeing & Activities

There may not be many obvious tourist attractions in the local area when doing your initial research however you can easily spend your weekends and evenings exploring the local waterfalls, Lake Volta, markets and various townships to fill your time.

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Highest Point

Abetifi is the highest habited place in Ghana. With the surrounding rainforest it offers amazing views all the way down to Lake Volta. With this altitude we also have a cooler climate where you will often find cool mornings and evenings that sometimes require a jumper!