Work Abroad In Luxury
Hotel Resort

Work abroad with the opportunity to explore Ghana and embrace a new culture whilst gaining valuable first hand hospitality experience to boost your resume in addition to a strong benefits package.




Hotel rooms once phase 2 is complete.

5th Largest Hotel

in the world once phase 2 is complete.

Basement Nightclub

Largest in the world.

Internship Overview

About the Internship

Based at the luxury Rock City Hotel resort in Nkwatia – Kwahu, Eastern Region Ghana. These internships for experienced and inexperienced individiuals offer the perfect chance to travel abroad whilst getting hands on experience in a luxury hospitality setting. All departments of the hotel are seeking interns across the vertical of hospitality including; Front Desk, Room Attendants, Bar & Nightclub Support, Restaurant & Pizzeria Support, General Management, Maintenance, Landscaping, Marketing and Chefs. Interns will be placed in their specific departments in accordance with their interest, the hotels needs and any relevant experience you may have.

Interns will be provided with a range of benefits that can be found below listed in detail along with a monthly minimum stipend of $100, able to increase dependant on duration and experience.

Located on top of the Kwahu mountain plateau the hotel offers breath taking views of the surrounding forests and mountains and gives you the ability to explore the local hiking trails and waterfalls in your free time.

The site is close to our volunteer houses and offices so there is always a high social aspect in your free time to socialise with like minded travellers as well as your colleagues and fellow interns.

Why this placement?

As a huge driving force of development and employment in the area, a large focus of the recruitment process has been focused on hiring local people and youth that would otherwise not have the experience to get into the luxury hospitality sector. Due to this, the hotel is seeking for overseas interns to add to the team to bring a new flare and fresh point of view, hopefully being able to recall on their own travel and hospitality experiences within their home countries or whilst travelling.

As Rock City Hotel is the only international level hotel in the area, the local hospitality workers have not had the same exposure to higher standards in place at other luxury, high starred hotels. It is the goal of the hotel management that as a team we grow and learn together, gaining valuable first hand experience for the staff team to grow their skill set and offer the opportunity to become dedicated hospitality experts in their field.

What is the benefits package offered to me?

  • Monthly stipend/allowance, minimum of $100 depending on duration, assignment and experience.
  • Transport between work and home each day.
  • One meal included daily whilst on shift.
  • Shared accommodation with other interns and colleagues.
  • Airport Transfers – From Kotoka International Airport to Rock City Hotel.

How do I get to work?

You will be living in shared accommodation with your colleagues and fellow interns, the hotel vehicles will provide transport for you each day to and from work.

Initially when you arrive at Kotoka International Airport, we will also arrange for an airport transfer to collect you and bring you on the 3 hour journey to Nkwatia in the Kwahu mountains.

What will I be doing?

Your working day will greatly depend on which department you are assigned to and the workload at that relevant time of the year. You will be assigned a schedule to carry out throughout your shifts and will work alongside your fellow interns and colleagues at the hotel.

Who will I be working with?

You will be assigned to one of the departments and work alongside the hotel employees to grow and develop as a team. You will be under the supervision and care of the relevant department manager and General Management of the hotel. Our Atlas team will be close by running our development projects should you need any assistance or advice but after your initial orientation day you will be assigned to the lovely hotel team to begin your journey!

What do we expect from an intern?

A willingness to embrace a new culture and different way of life is crucial in a successful working abroad placement. You should be happy to get stuck in to all types of work and dedicated to carry out your duties to the best of your ability.

What can you expect from us?

One of your line management team will always be around should you have any queries or concerns throughout your trip. Your benefits package will be delivered to you upon a timely manner and we will work with you for your own personal growth journey to flourish in the hospitality sector.

What should I bring?

You should bring smart and casual clothing along with some basic toileteries to set yourself up for the initial period. Some small personal items to make your room feel more homely be appreciated for our longer stays.

When will I be working?

For most roles you will be working 5 days a week. Your two days off can be spent relaxing, exploring the local communities, traveling to tourist attractions or joining our volunteers’ projects.
Due to the nature of hospitality, most interns will be required to work weekends and will be allocated two days off in the week.
A standard working day will be around 8 hours, usually 9-5 however this will be altered to match the hotel#s shift pattern depending on your placement. For example room attendants will have different timings than Front Desk/Reception.


What’s Included

Dates & Availability

Program fees

We understand how difficult the past year has been for all potential travellers around the world. Due to this we have decided to remove our admin fee charge for all internships at this stage to give you a helping hand on preparing for your journey!


We are ideally looking for interns for a minimum of 6 – 12 months. Exceptions can be made for those looking to join the team with relevant experience.


We are looking for interns to join the hospitality team as soon as possible, from Spring/Summer 2021 onwards.