Low Cost Volunteering

Find out what is included in our fees and how we compare to other volunteer providers.

Pricing Table

1 week $65  
2 weeks $130  
4 weeks $260  
8 weeks $520  
12 weeks $780 then reduces to $55 per week
24 weeks $1320 then reduces to $50 per week
50 weeks $2500 then reduces to $30 per week

Average weekly cost / $58 per week

What Is Included?

What Is NOT Included?

But how do we compare?

We now offer the lowest cost volunteering placements available in Ghana for international travellers.
See how we our low cost volunteering compared below to some similar organisations in Ghana.

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Based on an 8 week stay
Shared Accommodation
Meals Provided
Support Staff
Airport Collection
Based on an 8 week stay
Shared Accommodation
Meals Provided
Support Staff
Airport Collection

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Pricing FAQ

Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

As a not for profit organisation, any donations we raise go directly into project sites. Due to this to cover the housing, utility bills, local support staff, internet etc that our volunteers will be using, we need to charge a weekly fee so we can continue to offer these volunteer placements in a safe and pleasant environment for the volunteers to live. To ensure we’re as cheap as possible and open this up to more people, our management team provide their services and support free of charge.

Do I have to pay all upfront?

No, however most volunteers prefer to opt for this so that they don’t have to worry about withdrawals/currency when in Ghana. There are 3 stages to the payment process:
1) Initial Deposit – Taken by VolunteerWorld (Refundable if trip is cancelled) – This is to reserve your place on the program and receive further details from us in a welcome pack to get ready for your trip.

2) First Months Payment / Remaining Payment – To confirm your space in the house and before you get to the month of your scheduled arrival you need to have made at least 4 weeks payment to us so we can continue to employ the support staff and have things ready for your arrival. However many volunteers opt to pay the remaining fees at this stage to reduce multiple transaction fees and the hassle of paying in Ghana.

3) Upon Arrival Payment – If you have only paid one months payment by the time of your arrival then you will need to pay the rest of your stay upon arrival in person.

How are your fees so low in comparison to others?

Our main aim is creating this group was to ensure that volunteering is available to as many people as possible. Our management team provide their support and time free of charge, we employ local Ghanaian support staff, we don’t have any fancy international offices or helpdesks. The fees are just to cover the volunteer house, utility bills and support staff.

How much will the airport collection cost?

To be collected from the airport by a driver and a member of our team is currently 350 Ghana cedis (As of November 2019). This is payable in person or you can send us the payment for this beforehand and we will pass it to the driver.

What currency do I need to pay in?

Our online payments are stated in dollars however you can use the various payment platforms to change to your own currency. If you need to pay in person in Ghana this can be done in Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Ghana Cedis.

Is there any discount if I stay longer?

At this moment in time there is no discount if you stay longer, we no longer charge an initial registration fee so the weekly fee we charge is literally just to cover your housing and bills so unable to reduce further. We do however recommend as long a stay as possible so that yourself and the children get the most out of your stay and a greater social impact.

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